Textile Research Journal

| July 27, 2015

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


I have to do a research on a fabric called “ Repp”

The findings are to be documented following these guidelines;

Name of fabric
Fibre, weave (Picture needed minimum 2)
Historical development and significance
Specialised manufacturing process if applicable (Picture needed minimum 2)
Suitable interior applications ((Picture needed minimum 1)
Recommended care & cleaning instruction for the main fibres of each fabric.(Picture needed minimum 1)
Images of fabric and in application within an interior space (Minimum 2)

Note that: when you doing the research please put the information under each section, so it going to be easier for me to understand and easy to put them together after.

For example;

1 Fibre, weave
( Put the information under)
2 Historical Development and development and significance
( Put the information under)

Note that: Please try to get images to support each section when you finding the research and also caption needed for the images that you selected

Note that: Please select only the main and significance information that related to Repp in each section


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