Texas Ticket voting

| September 29, 2015

Texas Ticket voting

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Texas is one of a small group of states that allows straight ticket voting. Like all election policies, this one has its supporters and detractors. Where do you stand on the issue? Let’s find out: (1) Read a history of straight ticket voting: http://ivn.us/2013/11/18/history-straight-ticket-voting-movement-abolish/?utm_source=ivn&utm_medium=featured&utm_content=prevnext&utm_campaign=opt-beta-v-1-0 (2) A Texas perspective on allowing straight ticket voting, from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram editorial staff: http://www.star-telegram.com/2013/03/16/v-print/4707459/no-compelling-reason-to-end-straight.html?rh=1 (3) A Texas perspective on its problems, from the Texas Tribune: http://www.texastribune.org/2012/10/15/express-lane-voting-fast-problematic/ So, for your first post, discuss the policy of straight ticket voting and its alternatives. What are the pros and cons of this election policy? Which are most compelling to you, and why? Given what we know about straight ticket voting and judicial election results, would you make any changes? Once again, make sure you reference the materials in your debate, to support your positions. Your responses should be justifications of why you agree or disagree with your classmates. Have at it!

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