Testing the Theories of Outliers By Malcolm Gladwell

| March 27, 2014

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The assignment description can be found in the attached files. It is very important to follow the assignment instructions in the attached file. You must talk about someone who was not mentioned in the book.
Here is the criteria for a letter grade of A:
1- Critical Engagement: the essay consistently demonstrates an excellent level of critical engagement with the subject.
– Understanding of the text(s), experiences, or subject matter is discerning, logical, and thoughtful.
– The essay explores issues in depth, advancing convincing claims and providing rich detail.
2- Development: the development of the essay is compelling throughout, advancing a sustained line of reasoning, supported by persuasive evidence, and weighing alternate perspectives where appropriate.
3- Thesis: The thesis, whether explicit or implicit, is clear and perceptive.
Example of what a thesis should look like in this essay:
Person X is successful due to his birth in an advantageous era of birth, birth in demographic trough, and exposure to meaningful work. Perhaps successful people are opportunists rather than simply inherently talented.
4- Organization: essay’s organization reinforces the development of ideas and uses effective strategies to create coherence.
5- Word Choice: varied, precise, and sophisticated in context.
6- Sentences: vary in length and type in ways that advance meaning
7- Grammar and Usage: the grammar and usage are consistently accurate, supporting meaning.
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