terrorist attacks or natural disasters

| June 19, 2015

terrorist attacks or natural disasters

You are a captain in a local police department who has been asked by your chief of police to come up with a plan for developing a multiagency emergency response plan that includes local, state, and federal officers and other emergency and private resources for the purpose of responding to a terrorist event or natural disaster. The chief has informed you that he is concerned that many cities, including his own, do not have a written plan for responding and managing terrorist attacks or natural disasters.
For this assignment, form a brief written emergency plan that he or she can share with the group. This plan should include, at minimum, the points listed below:
• What local, state, and federal organizations would you choose to be a part of this agreement, and why did you specifically choose these organizations?
• Will their current responsibilities and goals be impacted by this agreement, and if so, how?
• What will be the responsibilities of those individual organizations in the event of a terrorist attack or major catastrophic event?
• Should one organization be the lead in the event, and how would that responsibility be decided?
• Focus on responsibilities and provide real structure for your agreement.
• Come up with a plan to share your agreement with the members of your community. What media resource(s) would you choose to make that announcement? Should you share everything with the community about your plans? What information would you choose to share with them? What would you choose to keep secret about your plan?

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