Term Paper: Is the Patriot Act robbing Americans of their Freedom?

| May 21, 2014

The purpose of the paper is to identify an issue or concern regarding terrorism; an issue or concern in the field of homeland security, an issue or concern within counter-terrorism; and/or a current policy or practice which you feel needs improvement in any of the aforementioned areas. Identify the issue, provide enough background so that the reader can understand, and what suggestions you have to improve and/or terminate the policy/program and/or resolve the issue. The issue or concern is a current practice that we partake in which you agree with, however you have some suggestions upon which we could improve.

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Considering the domestic and external conditions that Japan and China were facing in the 19th and early 20th century, what accounts for the contrast between the Japanese success in modernization and the failure by Qing China in the same historical period?
Identify women's role in any field of study related to MSE

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