Tenant Clinic: 2014 Outcome study Data Report

| June 28, 2015

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My fieldwork at SAJE (Strategic Actions for a Just Economy) have started with, me working very closely with Tenant Clinic, under direct supervision of two key leaders at SAJE, Favian Gonzalez, Organizing Team Coordinator, and Elena Frias, Director of Community Engagement.

Tenant clinic is what SAJE runs to help low income residents protect their right to live in their apartments without an increase in their rent or being harassed by their landlords. For years the low income families at 1015 W 39thStreet had been paying between $390 and $600 a month in rent for their modest apartments in South Los Angeles, but in October some tenants received notice that their rent would more than double on the first of December, in some cases going up to $1200 a month. Tenants had thought that the building was covered by Los Angeles’ Rent Stabilization Ordinance, but due to a technicality it is not, and the rent increases would have left affected residents, some of whom make only $12,000 a year, displaced, and if they could not afford to either move or pay the higher rent — facing eviction or homelessness. This is where SAJE got involved, as these residents came to the organization and found out through Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department (HCID) that a separate legally-binding covenant on the property protected renters against large rent increases and would preserve the building as affordable housing.
What this report shows is to Develop outcomes report on what happens after families visit the SAJE Tenant Clinic. 
Why this report is important is that they need to show the effectiveness of the clinic, the impact it has on families, tracking the main issues and the success and challenges of the program. 
The goal of this report is to create a tangible report to show current and potential funders the impact of the tenant clinic and increase funding to grow the program and expand the services to other areas in need. 
This report which will be my analysis of development and the creation of Demonstration of Learning will include:
• Total # of families who visited the Tenant Clinic in 2014
• Total # of families surveyed for the report
• Issues categorized by:
I. Habitability
II. Illegal Rent Increases 
III. Security Deposit
IV. Referrals to legal services
V. Eviction Threat

• Total # of families that SAJE helped to avoid displacement & illegal rent increases 
• Handful of Tenant Clinic success stories: (Maybe how the tenant clinic made an impact on their life) depending on how many people they follow up, maybe include about 5 to 8 success stories. 

This report MUST include mapping of these families houses which I will send an excel sheet of all the families with their information. and also graphs, charts, photos. It needs to be visually appealing and not only texts. I prefer someone who can do GIS mapping but if not possible then anyone who is good at showing some kind of map of where these families are located. 
Again I am emphasizing this report need to be a collaboration of graphs, charts, Maps, pictures and anything else that will make it appealing rather that just plain text. I do not want 10 pages of boring texts



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Tenant Clinic: 2014 Outcome study Data Report
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