Template Dynamics

| February 6, 2014

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Jeff and Tanya own their own business, and Tanya created their company Web site in Expression Web last winter using a dynamic Web template to create the pages. Business has been booming, Jeff and Tanya are working overtime, and their Web site requires updating. Specifically, they want to add several new pages using their existing page layout. Their son, Chris, has just begun a Web page design class in school, and Jeff wants Chris to update the Web pages on their company Web site. Jeff and Tanya create the new content and find images for the new pages. As Chris begins working in the Web site, he encounters two frustrating difficulties: It is very difficult to tell exactly where the new content should be inserted, and once the content is inserted, he finds that small adjustments to uneditable regions are often required to make a page render correctly. After reviewing old pages and examining the new content, Chris decides to give the layers in the dynamic Web template descriptive names, reasoning that it will make this update and all subsequent updates easier. After naming the layers in the template and creating new pages based on the template, Chris adds the new content. In preparation for fine-tuning the new pages, he detaches the new pages from the dynamic Web template. Questions: How did using dynamic Web templates save Tanya time when she first designed the Web site? Do you think that Chris’s changes to the template will save time for updating the Web site in the future? Why or why not? What are the relative merits and drawbacks of using a dynamic Web template? What are the ramifications of detaching a page from a dynamic Web template?
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