'Tell (teach) me and I forget …….. Involve me and I learn.' Benjamin Franklin

| April 22, 2014

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This thesis consits of 5000 words but i only need the first part of the assignment ranging from 1500 words to 2000 words, the intruction for the first part are below.
1- defintion of the quote ‘Tell (teach) me and I forget …….. Involve me and I learn.’
Benjamin Franklin
2- Literature Review
literature review must be comprehensive. Every key fact must be backed by three sources. Make sure that you Cite, as you Write. You must also assess the validity of each source. For instance, information from anonymous web sites is not very reliable. The information may represent a personal opinion. By contrast, journal articles are checked by two referees, before being accepted for publication.
You must reference your literature review. We will assess your referencing to determine if you have used external sources to support the facts in your argument. You must ensure that your referencing conforms to the Harvard referencing system that you learned in Communication for Construction Professionals. Inadequate referencing will result in a Re-submission in the subject.
Avoid writing in point-form.
3- research the meaning behind the quote (by defining the keywords in bold) and examining associated literature on the keywords of cognitive development, constructivism, metacognition, critical reflection, and lateral thinking. Based on this research, students will develop a research question, relating to their interpretation of the meaning of the quote.
4- required to design and conduct a small research project to justify or disprove their claims in regard to the quote. The quote will need to be grounded into a specific, testable research question. The project must draw conclusions from both qualitative and quantitative data. You must be able to demonstrate use of statistics, both with Measures of Central Tendency and Variance. You will also be asked to reflect on the deficiencies of your study and make recommendations. In a sense, you will be asked to make a decision on the basis of the reading you have undertaken and the first-hand evidence that you discover from your investigation.
Structure of the Thesis
The thesis should be structured in the following way:
1. Introduction
2. Literature Review; provide a background to the topic. The keywords must be defined by three sources and linked together in a logical sequence.
3. Specific Topic. The topic of learning is very broad. You have to focus on a specific area of investigation. You should state what assumptions you have made to limit the area of study and indicate how you have bounded the topic area.
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write on a topic you enjoy, or find interesting: integrate philosophy+science(science of my major(Psychology) discipline).
Wuthering Heights as a hybrid novel


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