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| February 15, 2014

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Research paper proposal
A research paper proposal is the presentation of an idea that you wish to explore in your paper. A good research paper proposal presumes that you have already thought about your project and have given time and effort to reading the literature and beginning to organize your thoughts on your chosen topic.
Your work will be judged on how well you succeed in producing a clear paper that shows you can intelligently discuss the subject, and how well you can back up your arguments with evidence.
Statement of question/hypothesis
Your research paper proposal needs to start with a statement of the question the paper seeks to answer. It is around this question that you will need to organise the paper.
A good research paper is founded on a good analytical question. Analytical questions go beyond mere description and try to explain why and how a phenomenon occurs. For example, a descriptive paper would ask, “What newspapers does Kuwait have?“ Whereas an analytical paper would ask, “Why does Kuwait have many newspapers?“ or
“How do newspapers contribute to democracy in Kuwait?“ For the analytical paper you would also discuss what titles are published in Kuwait, but you would not stop at describing the newspapers of the country.
Literature review
You cannot develop your arguments without knowing what other researchers have claimed about your question, and what evidence they have found in support of their claims. You need to demonstrate your familiarity with scholarly work relevant to your question, and the literature review section is where you begin this demonstration.
Also, if your paper is based on applying a theory to a phenomenon you chose, you can review the theory you intend to use for making sense of the chosen phenomenon.
Brief outline of your paper
Indicate what parts, sections you plan to include in the paper, and what issue you want to explore or what arguments you intend to develop in which part.
Your arguments and claims are as strong as the sources you rely on to make them. You’re welcome to use non-academic sources in addition to the minimally required number of the academic books and journal articles, but treat these sources (such as websites, online databases, news, interviews, documentaries etc.) with critical scrutiny.
The works you use for the paper must be cited properly throughout the text and in the Bibliography section. For citation, preferably use the APA style.
This is the instructions from the professor
i would like my topic to be about The development of the main US networks such as HBO, NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC. I would like an analytical question involving these developing networks in the US.
i would only like sources to come from online database, websites, and articles. all academic please
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