Tele-health remote monitoring

| July 21, 2015

To prepare for this Discussion, select andconduct a literature review on one type of clinically focused health information system, such as:

  • A particular type of telehealth, such as remote monitoring


Through your research you will find out the various purposes of this clinical system. Identify major technical and management challenges associated with its adoption and use as well as how these challenges have been successfully addressed.

  • In the first line of your posting, identify the clinical system (or application) you have selected.
  • Summarize the processes and potential benefits of your selected system. How does it support the delivery of health care?
  • Assess key technical and management challenges of making that system available and used effectively within an organization.
  • What are promising approaches to dealing with these challenges? Explain your reasoning.

(Telehealth remote monitoring) APA CITIONS WITH IN TEXT citing and utilizing a literature view.

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