Ted Bundy

| April 21, 2014

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Discuss his life from youth to adulthood. What made him start to kill, who was his first victim, high profile victims and his last know victim. What made him different from other serial killers and how was he alike them. How long was his killing sprees, how and when was he captured. Where was his trial and in-prisoned. What was the final out come of his life.
1.Be at least 3-4 full pages, in addition to the title page and reference page, and include at least 4 sources.
2.Contain a well-crafted thesis statement that identifies topics that will be discuss.
3.Keep the word text simple.
4.Follow APA 6th addition formatting rules: an APA title page, running heads, and page numbers are required.
5.Provide APA reference information for any outside sources used. Be sure to include an in-text citation for any references made throughout the body of the paper in addition to a full end reference page formatted in APA style.
6.Be typed, double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font.
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Federal Protective Service: Actions needed to resolve delays and inadequate oversight issues with FPS?s risk assessment and management program?
Why?:1)Child abduction cases are still happening, usually ended with negative outcomes.


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