| May 15, 2016

book report on “Postman, Neil. Technopoly. Alfred A. Knopf”. While you are reading the book, keep in mind the following structure that you will be using to write your report: 1. Introduction Start with an interesting quotation that gives the reader the flavor of the authorÂ’s style and ideas. Then give a one-sentence summary of the point of the book. Finally, preview the three main topics you will be covering. 2. Main Point #1 Give a thorough explanation of the author’s main argument. You may quote from the book to give the reader examples. Then, discuss any other points the author makes. 3. Main Point #2 What proof or support does the author supply as evidence that his/her point of view is correct? Again, you may quote from the book. Do you think the authorÂ’s arguments and proofs are convincing? Why, or why not? 4. Main Point #3 Pick one of the following concepts from Chapter 1 that we discussed in class and show how the author supports that concept. Use evidence from the book: Competition and Convergence Dominate Technology Changes Mass Media Delivery and Consumption Mass Media Both reflect and Affect Politics, Society, and Culture 5. Conclusion Summarize the main points of the report. Give a memorable last thought.


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: TECHNOPOLY “Old is gold”. The emergence and existence of technology in the contemporary world has resulted to automatic evasion of culture and its practices. Technopoly is the name of the book and term that Postman put as a subject to bring a comprehensive explanation on the theme of his book. There is a thorough explanation of the author’s perspective on technopoly and the way it has changed the culture. Moreover, there is an outlined evidence to support the argument as well as the author’s support of the changes of technology towards the delivery of mass media and consumption, as discussed in class. In his book, Postman describes the way the emergence and enhancement of technology has changed the ways of life. The uncontrolled enhancement in technology he says has ruined the important sources of humanity, creating a cu…

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