Technology in the criminal justice

| February 6, 2014

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Select a technology in the criminal justice field in which you are familiar. Address the history of the technology, its development, and its potential future development.
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The History of Fingerprinting In the real sense, fingerprints provide a very infallible means of individual identification. This answers the question as to why it has substituted other methods of determining the identities of criminals unwilling to accept previous arrests. From the late 19th Century, methods of fingerprint identification have been utilized by various police agencies in the world in the identification of both suspected criminals and crime victims. Since historical times, the foundation for ancient fingerprinting technique was very simple. For instance, the skin on the palm surface of the feet and hands make up ridges known as papillary ridges. This occurred in patterns which were unique to each person and did not change over time…….ORDER NOW…..
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