Technological advances of recent years have advanced the practice of marketing

| March 11, 2014

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i have submitted a powerpoint instructing the marking scheme of the literature review.
The title is :Technological advances of recent years have advanced the practice of marketing. With organisations able to store and analyse large volumes of data, the speed and precision of profiling, targeting and building dialogue have improved inordinately. A growing body of academic literature debates whether there has been a shift from traditional transactional marketing to relationship marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) and Enterprise Marketing Optimization (EMO) (which allows organisations to send tailored marketing messages to customers and prospects in real-time). The web 2.0 and, more recently, web 3.0 provide even further opportunities for marketers. However others still maintain that traditional marketing principles and techniques still underpin modern marketing. Potential areas for study include the changing dynamics of marketing with modern media; critique of the value of core marketing theories in the context of modern communications; and the ongoing debate about whether transaction marketing or relationship marketing is the ideal model for modern marketing.
my more specific question will be: Is Relationship marketing really is the ideal model for modern marketing? What has lead to it ? and Why?
From the powerpoint you will see i need to include 3-4 themes:
I have chosen Is Relationship marketing a paradigm shift? causes etc (technology)
The limitations to Relationship marketing
and practical implications of RM
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