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| July 7, 2016

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Holloway’s second chapter focuses on the importance of summary, as a genre and a skill. For this week’s reading response, you are to summarize Ede and Lunsford, Paradis, and Herndl et al., paying special attention to the generic similarities in each article, remembering that Holloway asks his readers to pay attention to “types of order” (22). What types of order do you witness in the construction of each of this week’s articles? Construct and explain a “template,” for the three articles, keeping in mind that Holloway calls the template a representation of “the general logical pattern” of a piece of writing (23). What does this summary exercise teach you both about the assertions of each article and the genre of the academic article in general? How does each article address the question of audience, and who is the audience for each article? Do those audiences overlap in any meaningful ways?

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