Technical Report on Design of an appropriate decentralized water& wastwater management System.

| October 19, 2015



An isolated community away from an urban area is being developed. It is estimated that the land area of 10hectares will be divided into 10 lots, each lot not being equal. Each lot is to be able to host at least 5-6 sustainable houses. The developer is still undecided about the water supply system though there is an option of using rain water (you need to assume rainfall data) and a fresh-water lake that is about 20km away from the proposed development (on government land). The majority of land has a clay loamy structure of moderate permeability.

It is assumed that the water consumption in each house will not be greater than 200L per person per day, and each house will be designed for 5 people. You are required to use typical water usage data (purpose & quantity). Assume that the maximum number of people at any given time can only go up to 8 in a house. You are free to choose the age group of people.

You have been hired as a consultant by the developer to provide assistance on designing a water and wastewater management plan for the development. The developer wants to attract buyers who are environmentally conscious.

You are required to write a technical/ feasibility report on designing this system. Your report should highlight:

-Your role (How would you go about the project, what data would you collect & why?)

-Your knowledge of different water and wastewater treatment systems

-Demonstration of your knowledge of design of systems;

a) Describe two conceptual designs of water/wastewater management. The residences are presumed to be environmentally conscious and would like to see the inclusion of water conservation, reuse, resource recovery and sustainability in the designs. You are require to provide a brief description of each of the designs you developed and give a schematic diagram.

b) You are required to choose the best option and give your reasons for this. Though it is not expected that you estimate cost of each unit process, it is advisable to take this into account as part of your assumptions. Provide detailed design of the different units in the water and wastewater management scheme. This part of your report should include:

-Assumption you make from (a) readings, (b) class lectures and (c) your own research should be clearly stated and properly referenced
-Quantity of water usage

-Quality of water to be used.

-Quantity of wastewater generated

-Quantity of wastewater that will be reused

-Quality of wastewater after treatment

-Quantity of sludge/humus

-Type of process/es selected

-Determination of capacities or volume or sizes of each unit in the process scheme with appropriate assumptions of design criteria for each unit

– Details of the design using plan, section and side view sketches/drawings

c) Your role in this project is not only that of a designer, but you also need to liaise with different stakeholders. Your report should therefore describe the different issues that you need to discuss with each stakeholder for this developmental project.


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