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| April 21, 2014

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1. Introduction
Use previous research to justify your choice of your ?broad problem area?
2. Literature Review (should include a number of subsections)
-Use previous research to justify the choice of problem statement(s) (or research questions)
– Use previous research to justify the choice of each hypothesis.
Note: the section should include references next to each sentence that is taken from the previous research and must clearly state the problem statement(s) and hypotheses.
3. Research Methodology (should include number of subsections)
– Must identify the variables used in the study and their types.
– Provide information on the sample to be used in the proposed study (define the population, the sampling design, estimated sample size etc.)
– Must mention how the data will be collected (Interviews, self-administered questionnaires ?)
– Must include the questionnaire/guide that will be used in collecting data.
– Must indicate which statistical test will be used in the analysis of the data and must justify the usage of the statistical test.
Please make sure everything you write is based on the article i provided under the name "Gould Williams"
The questionnaire is very important. the article mentions variable that you can use in the questionnaire.
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Locate a minimum of 15 peer-reviewed articles that describe the problem or issue and that support the proposed solution. Eight of the 15 articles must be research-based (e.g., a study which is qualitative, quantitative, descriptive, or longitudinal)
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