Technical and Non-technical skills

| February 6, 2014

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Project managers must ensure that team members have both the technical and non-technical skills needed to effectively perform their responsibilities. Projects such as new product and information systems development will often involve the use of new technologies that require new knowledge and skills. On the non-technical side, effective team functioning requires members to be knowledgeable about project management methods and team-related skills. Although project management training can be accomplished on an individual or team basis, team skills are most effectively taught and practiced as a group. Team skills include such topics as: stages of team formation, meeting management, problem solving, decision making, conflict resolution, group dynamics, and managing interpersonal differences. Ensuring that needed training is provided requires: •Identifying the skills required for successful team performance. •Assessing team member skills individually and collectively. •Scheduling technical and non-technical training needed by most members of the team. •Working with individuals who have specific learning needs to attend appropriate training classes. •Encouraging team members to share their knowledge to help each other learn.
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