teamwork and learning based on my experience of video project

| October 28, 2015

1. this essay required in my view.
2. this essay based on group video project which i already did.( conflict and poor performance in teamwork) this is title of group video project.
3.we fund there are 4 significant problem such as group formation and development, task and maintenance function, group behavior and effectiveness of group work.
4.You should analyze these 4 significant problems and analyze your experience (e.g. problems occurred, yours approach to solve the problems, style of leadership, power distribution, change management, decision making, learning process, empowerment, motivation, cross-cultural issues, communication issues, communication skills, and communication methods, impression management and emotional intelligence) during the video-based project using Organization Behavior related theories and peer-reviewed journal articles. least 10 peer-reviewed journal articles are required to be discussed while analyzing your group-based project (video making) experience
5.It is also highly valued if you put your reflections into any work-related context and explain how your team-based experience in the video-based project could influence your teamwork skills in your current job or how it can increase your employability in future.
6.The purpose of this assignment is to critically assess your personal experience of working in your group for the video-based project using the Organization Behavior literature, especially considering theories on group dynamics and any other relevant Organizational Behavior theories.

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