Team Process Reflection Paper

| July 7, 2016

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Team Process Reflection Paper Instructions


In this paper you will use the concepts you have learned in the textbook Whetten and Cameron to describe and analyze your team’s processes and outcomes. You will need to describe in detail the following:

  • how you achieved consensus on the topic;.
  • how you determined the tasks and responsibilities;.
  • assess the strengths and weaknesses of the team and the reasons behind them;.
  • analyze your own behavior with the team, and aspects you would improve about yourself. .
  • suggest changes that would improve performance if the team were to continue for another semester, and.
  • describe the impact this experience has had on you as a leader and team member. .
  • You should reflect on the group assignment results, and the meaning you derive from this example of leadership to your own life. .
  • Describe the events and decisions that occurred in relation to your project, the interactions between team members, and interactions with others. .



1.Were you interdependent in your tasks? Did one person carry the weight for the group?

2.Were you inclusive?

3.How did you organize the work?

4.What kind of decision – making process did you have? Did you take too long to decide things? Were you to quick to decide and not consider enough alternatives?

5.Were there aspects of group think in your group?

6.Was there team problem solving? Did you confront mistakes or lack of follow- through?

7.Was there a positive relationship between the team’s goals and your personal goals?

8.Did you make time as a group to reflect upon your process?



1.Did you compromise your standards just to get agreement?

2.Did you feel invited to express your individual creativity?

3.Did you feel frustrated along the way? Was it possible to discuss this within the group?

4.Did you evolve as a team member? Were you able to think more deeply about aspects of leadership, given the team experience and the content of your presentation topic?

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