Tea Ceremony Report

| July 21, 2015

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please write your thoughts on the tea ceremony demonstration. Please consider the following when writing your thoughts and observations. It’s not necessary to answer every question below:
• Why did the professor organize a tea ceremony field trip for a course on early China and Japan? In other words, how is a tea ceremony supposed to fit in the course objectives (understanding of contemporary and historical issues related to China,

• What did you know about the tea ceremony before this demonstration? 

• What did you observe? A brief summary of what happened would be good (how the tea ceremony being presented).

• Would you recommend that this demonstration be repeated in future classes?

• Please provide any other observations or insights you have about the ceremony (how did the tea ceremony gain your understanding of the history of China and Japan).


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Development of International Relations Thought
Part of the Chinese Dream is to restore China’s claimed historical place in the world. What constituted this place? Identify and analyze the main elements of Chinese history as evoked in ‘the dream’


Category: Asian Studies

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