Task 2 – Role Play + Report Background information Manage use of information or knowledge management system

| February 17, 2014

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Assessment Task 2 – Role Play + Report Assessment Task 2 – Role Play + Report Background information Manage use of information or knowledge management system You are the Learning and Development (L&D) Manager at Study Group Australia (SGA). You have just overseen the installation of a new Learner Management System to be used by the academic administrator to manage student, classes, results and lecturer information. The system was developed using Microsoft Access 2003. The existing system currently allows administrators to perform the following: • Enter classes (including class schedule information), instructors, departments, terms, year and units • Enter student information, including major, telephone number and grades • Enter assessment information, including assignment types and percentage grades • Produce reports such as class listing by departments, class results summary, results by assignment, results by students, class schedule and list of students The implementation plan requires that only Angela, the Academic Office Administrator is allowed to have access to the system to make entry, updates and deletions to data. Existing procedures also require assessors to submit to Angela results 14 days after an assessment is completed for entry into the system. Upon receipt, Angela will enter the results into the system, printout a copy and post it into the bulletin board for students to view. Your tasks: You are required to perform the following scenarios in the class: Role-play scenario 1 Angela was absent at work today due to health reasons. Today was also the due date for the results of the Programming class to be posted on the bulletin board. The Course Coordinator instructed Sheryl, the college Receptionist to access the system and produce the student results report. In a role-play, you are to counsel Sheryl and point out to the Course Coordinator that compliance to the security policies and procedures needs to be followed to ensure compliance. Role-play scenario 2 Angela, the Academic Office Administrator has just left the company and a new person has been hired to replace her. On her first day, she was instructed to enter the following details into the Learner Management System: Class name: Web Site Design Instructor: Jamie Mantell Department: Graphics Design Days/Times: MWF 2:00 Location: Room 14 Section#: 1 Term: Summer Year: 2010 Units: 3 Students: Alan Shen, Conor Cunningham, Erik Andersen and Nancy Anderson Assignments: Assignment 1 Weighting 50%, Assignment 2 Weighting 50% Jamie Mantell was a new instructor and needs to be entered into the system. Sheryl is having problems entering new instructors, new classes and new assignments. She called your office and asked for assistance. In a role-play, you are to address implementation issues and problems as they arise in the use of the existing system. You are to show Sheryl how to perform the following tasks: • Enter new instructor • Enter new classes • Enter new assignments Role-play scenario 3 The Learner Management System could not be opened. An error message was saying the file ‘has been corrupted’ and could not be opened. You investigated the possible cause of the issue and you learned that a thunderstorm occurred the previous night affecting the circuit breaker in the college campus. Electricity was cut off abruptly causing the computer to terminate the application unexpectedly. In a role-play, you are to call Helpdesk/Support and explain the problems you are facing opening the file including the possible cause of the problem. One of the trainees will be appointed by your assessor to play the role of the support person. You will be assessed in your ability to talk to a technical specialist using a professional and friendly manner. Good telephone conversation skills will need to be applied in this role-play. An example of a good telephone conversation is as follows: Caller: Good morning/afternoon/evening. This is James from Academic Office how are you today? Helpdesk: Good thanks, how may I help you today? Caller: Not to bad, thank you very much! The reason I called in today is about… … Caller: Thank you very much! You’ve been a wonderful help! Role-play scenario 4 An email has been forwarded to you by Sheryl regarding a query by a couple of the instructors regarding entering the student results in Microsoft Excel and sending the soft copy file to Sheryl for entry into the Learner Management System instead of filling out a paper form. She’s unsure whether there will be incompatibility with the data formats of Excel and Access. She wanted your input regarding this matter. In a role-play, discuss with Sheryl regarding the possibilities of integrating data from MS Excel and MS Access files Role-play scenario 5 You wanted to collect feedback regarding the effectiveness of the existing system. You sat one-on-one with Sheryl to get her feedback on the system. In a role-play, you will ask her the following questions and document her feedback:
Interview Questions
a. Can you effectively use the system to enter student, class, assessments, grade and lecturer information in the existing system? Yes No
b. What are the problems/limitations you are experiencing when entering information into the system?
c. What are the problems/limitations you are experiencing when retrieving information into the system?
d. If you are to rate the system from 1 to 5, (1 is poor and 5 is excellent), how would you rate it? 1 2 3 4 5 Explain why
e. What are the strengths of the system? Weaknesses? Strengths Weaknesses What additional features would you recommend to be added to the system?
Part B Report You have been asked by Management to evaluate the current learner management system currently used by SGA. The system was developed using Microsoft Access 2003 and for the past few years, has served its original purposes well. Some of the limitations of the existing system are as follows: • Security – there is no application level login name and password feature that protects the contents of the database. Once the administrator operating system login credentials are compromised, the data stored in the application can also be compromised easily. • No calendar features • No student messaging capabilities • Does not support Web-based access of information through a browser You reviewed the operational plan of SGA (see excerpt below) and it has become apparent that the existing system now requires replacement as it no longer supports the future direction of SGA. I have already -Answering the Role-play Scenario 2 Mohammad says: “Hello Sheryl I would like to help you upload the new data and information for our new instructors, classes and assignments. Sheryl says: “Thanks, I have been having difficulties to sort this out. Mohammad says: “First I will send you a file with our new instructor’s profiles, the classes they will be teaching and the assignments. Mohammad says: “You will then be able through accessing the Learner Management System to add the new profiles and information to the files that you already have on your system.
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Task 2 – Role Play + Report Background information Manage use of information or knowledge management system
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