Tableau Tutorial Using Coffee Data #1533

| January 3, 2016

For this graded assignment, you will use the Tableau software. Tableau is a recognized leader in data visualization and has a wide variety of customers from smaller organizations to fortune 500 companies. Visit the Tableau website (Links to an external site.) for a company profile and to inquire further.

This assignment illustrates some of the many Tableau features using Coffee Chain Data set; including, how to answer business questions using the data set and Tableau’s visualization tools.

Complete the following:

Use the Coffee Chain dataset for this tutorial: (XLSXPreview the documentView in a new window), (CSVPreview the documentView in a new window)

Go to the Teradata University Network (Links to an external site.).
Locate the following instructional file from the TUN site:
Tableau Tutorial Using Coffee Data (#1533)

Complete the eight (8) questions (only) listed on page 2 in the #1533 tutorial.
Note: Please disregard steps 1 and 2 in this tutorial, as you already should have Tableau software downloaded and installed, using instructor provided information. Additionally, the reference “For the MAC users” is no longer relevant, as current versions of Tableau run on both Windows and Mac systems.

As you are working through the tutorial, you will need to export your work to demonstrate completion of all 8 questions.
You may find this link helpful for exporting: Export options in Tableau Desktop (Links to an external site.)
Solutions to your questions should include both the image of the Tableau output, and a short narrative interpreting the data and answering all parts of the questions.

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