T he history of globalization, various aspects of current globalization, and the future of globalization

| May 29, 2014

Although technology has certainly expedited the ability to globalize different companies and corporations, international trade exchanges have occurred for thousands of years. For example, in the Middle Ages, the Silk Road was the main trade route that connected China with Europe.

In your research paper on globalization, you can study the ancient development of globalization or how it advanced with technology in the modern age.

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Historian John Gascoigne says that, since the Scientific Revolution, science has increasingly become the dominant way of understanding nature. Discuss in relation to TWO natural disasters, which occurred in different centuries. (e.g. the Black Death, 1348-1350, and the Spanish Flu, 1918-1920).
Term Paper: Why are some people healthy and others not and what does place and space have to do with it?

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