Systems Thinking in Health Care

| June 19, 2015

Systems Thinking in Health Care

Assignment:    Assignment 2 – Case Study

Your task

Write a case study in the form of a short conference paper of 2,000 words that presents
a systems thinking investigation that you have completed about a problematical situation
of your choice within a health care domain.

Your case study should follow an acceptable format for an academic conference paper
that presents “work in progress”, i.e. not a full conference paper but one that follows the
same academic conventions such as having an abstract, referencing appropriate
literature and following clearly explained methods.

Your case study should begin with an introduction describing the problematical
situation, its scope, boundaries and key emergent properties.  It should also explain the
purpose of your case study and why it is interesting and relevant. Your methods should
include a variety of different systems thinking techniques including a Soft Systems
Methodology enquiry and the use of Thinking Differently techniques and/or other
approaches and ideas covered in the course. The techniques you select should be
justified and help you to explore the current situation and identify the challenges and
opportunities of taking a more holistic perspective on the situation. The outputs from the
tools and techniques should be presented as the results.  Based on these, the
discussion of your findings should include a critical, reflective evaluation of your own
analysis. Your conclusion should summarise the key points, consider whether the work
undertaken fulfilled the stated purpose and make recommendations for further action
research or investigation.

You may present some of the output of your work as diagrams or tables within the paper
but should also be prepared to reference and make use of appendices to show the
detailed work.

Reports marked “Confidential” will be kept securely and seen only by those involved in
the University assessment process. You may also change the name of the organisation
to a fictional one provided you make this clear in the introduction.

Assessment Criteria
Your case study should demonstrate that you can:
•  Apply a range of systems thinking techniques, attitudes and approaches to a
health care context.
•  Use appropriate modelling and techniques to surface issues and opportunities
and new ways of thinking.
•  Critically assess the techniques that you have used in terms of their
appropriateness, evidence base and effectiveness.
•  Demonstrate an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of applying a
systems thinking approach.
•  Demonstrate an ability to understand and work within healthcare domains.

Your case study should:
?  Be logically structured with a coherent argument.
?  Use evidence from a range of relevant sources to support your discussion.
?  Use good English with correct spelling and punctuation.
?  Include accurate and consistent referencing using the Harvard system.

Word Count: 2,000 words (excluding tables, graphs, abstract, appendices and


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Case Study #2;Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association
Walkable City pg 115-138

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