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| February 10, 2014

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The question below should be memo style and as detailed as possible.
For months, you have been warning your boss that the organization’s file server (running Windows Server 2012 Server) is being misused by the staff. Staff regularly back up their family’s photo albums, personal movies, and their iTunes music and video libraries on the file server. You’re now running out of server disk space, maxing out your backup system, and in dire need of help. Since your boss has been ignoring your warnings, you quote a new server that can handle this level of storage and backup. When your boss sees the quote, he panics. “There’s no way we can afford that! Why didn’t you tell me about these problems sooner? What else can we do to get a handle of this issue?! Come up with a plan immediately!”
You keep your cool. After calmly walking out of his office, you sit down ask your desk to come up with a two phase plan. Communication is going to be a key factor to this project. First, you need to tell the staff what is going on and what is going to happen. At this point, you don’t need a formal policy, but a short explanation for your boss to send out via an all-office email. Second, you need to propose the technical plan to your boss. Explain the technology that you’ll be using to control the file server usage. Be specific to the solution, policies, and/or controls that you recommend putting in place. Be sure to explain how they’ll work and how they’ll resolve the ongoing
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