Systems analysis and design

| July 30, 2015
  • List and explain the different phases in the systems development life cycle.
  • 2-What is prototyping?
  • 3-A hospital is a system with several subsystems, including the out-patients wards, in-patients wards, surgery, clinics, and pharmacy subsystem.  Draw a diagram of a hospital as a system and label all of its system characteristics.
  • 4-What are software systems? Give two examples of such software.
  • 5-What are the main characteristics of a systems analysts? Briefly explain each


  • 6-  Review the criteria for selecting off-the-shelf software presented in this chapter.  Use your experience and imagination and describe other criteria that are or might be used to select off-the-shelf software in the real world.  For each new criterion, explain how its use might be functional (i.e., it is useful to use this criterion), dysfunctional, or both.

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