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| November 27, 2015

(Campaign Goal)
The goal of this campaign is to increase awareness of Facebook Custom Audiences in small-medium sized B2C businesses. This campaign will highlight the retargeting tool of CA, as well as the ability to merge a company’s customer list with Facebook Advertising. The average click-through rate for display ads is 0.07%, but for retargeted ads it is 0.7% ( That statistic illustrates that retargeting is 10 times more effective than advertising alone. Increasing the Facebook Custom Audience market will be beneficial to both Facebook and the companies who use it due to CA’s proven effectiveness.
(Competitive Analysis)
Social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ are using similar tactics as Facebook’s custom audience features to capture their prospective businesses. Examples of these are Twitter’s Tailored Audiences, LinkedIn Lead Accelerator, and Google’s Display Network. Each custom audience system gains tailored audiences from email lists, web-page visits and mobile app visits to target the right people. Twitter’s Tailored audiences allow businesses to use their information from retargeting companies like Chango and Perfect Audience. Most competitors try to avoid using information from potential competitors, but Twitter embraces it as one of its major positive aspects. LinkedIn Lead Accelerator focuses on how businesses that are in the B2B industry can gain competitive advantage by using their system. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or Google, LinkedIn uses email lists that usually contain more professional emails, shifting its focus towards B2B businesses. Finally, Google’s Display Network advertises similarly, using links on their main page for businesses to learn more about the program. Recently Google has taken Facebook’s lookalike concept to match potential customers to the right businesses. Google’s Display Network, which achieves slightly better results, uses personal gmail accounts, ad clicks on Youtube and Google, and user web page visits. Google’s Display Network continues to infringe on personal privacy, leaving Facebook Custom Audiences in a relatively good position in the market. (REFERENCE FIGURE OF GRAPHIC)
(Target Market)
The size of the target audience is one million businesses. The segment will include a combination of small and medium-sized businesses. New research from LinkedIn found that “the majority (81%) of small and medium-sized businesses are turning to social media for growth” (Mashable, 2014). Facebook will help small-medium sized companies to grow fast and create new opportunities to promote a product to a more targeted audience.
The target audience will include VP of Marketing, Director of CRM Marketing, Agency VP, and Agency Account team leaders who spend advertising budgets to reach consumers. These employees are already aware of the possibility to advertise via Facebook. However, they are not utilizing the Custom Audience feature. These are the company leaders of medium-sized businesses who find interesting content to share and spend time on social media. They have disposable income and they might have signed up but never created a campaign, or created a campaign but stopped using the platform. Main consumer needs include utilization of Facebook tools for promotion and advertisement of the product or service, increased visibility of the product in the market, and increased sales. This segment will be expanding in the future due to rapid introduction of social media in the workplace of new companies, as well as an overwhelming globalization approach. The segment accounts for 65-75% of the entire market. Facebook is seen as a potential business tool, which can reach different audiences through the suggested toolkit. Each part of the process is essential for the long-term vision of the project. (Make depiction of persona?)
(IMC Objectives)
(Creative Strategy)
Creative Strategy
Major Selling Idea: Our idea focuses on the scenario of a guy that has unfortunate luck with finding a romantic partner. He keeps striking out with every women he meets either mainly because he does not present himself in the best possible way and he gets beat out by other guys until he decides to have makeover. After his transformation all of a sudden he’s a hit with the ladies and displays a new sense of confidence to the audience.
Slogans and Call to Actions: With this campaign we decided that our main slogan for our target audiences is “Show them what they’re missing”. We came up with this pitch because it emphasizes to our audience how Facebook Custom Audiences will be able to display a business in a more effective light to the consumer. With Facebook Custom Audiences, businesses can advertise to prospective customers with more success since the customers sees the features and aspects of your business in more highlighted fashion than it would through other mediums. Also, one of our sub slogans for this campaign is “Remind them how awesome you are”. This sub slogan goes more along with one of Facebook Custom Audiences more distinct feature of their retargeting tool. Most small to medium size businesses do not have the same marketing reach as big businesses to reach customers or re approach customers after a failed first attempt. This slogan displays to our target market that they can market like big businesses and that they can retarget audiences that didn’t quite capture with their first message. Finally, our Call to action through this campaign will be to “Find your makeover at www.facebook/” that way the audience has another resource they can look to find more information about the product and decide if they really want it.
Creative Rationale: This campaign will feature mostly a mixture of rational and emotional appeals. The rational appeals is crucial for us because businesses need to be able to recognize the added benefits that Facebook Custom Audience will be able to provide for them. The advertisements features clear indicators to businesses saying how they would be able to expand their reach into more target markets. It will also include emotional appeals because when it comes down to it there is always a person behind every business that will make the ultimate decision. This ad campaign will encourage a self confidence boost in most small to medium sized businesses that watch the material. Finally there is a slice of life appeal that is also incorporated in the fact that everybody can relate to a situation where they don’t quite get what they’re hoping

Media plan
Media Planning
Promotional Mix Strategy
Website- Facebook should advertise its Facebook custom Audiences feature on the business landing page. When users first arrive the main attention-getter will be the new button feature that will allow users to jump immediately to the Facebook Custom Audience page. There will be text displaying “for more experienced Facebook business users get the next best thing in online advertising with Facebook CA.” Hopefully this will encourage current Facebook users to acquaint themselves with Custom Audiences to see if it is the right. The text should also effectively communicate to small to medium sized business that in order to compete in their competitive market then Facebook Custom Audiences is the way to go. Also our next main attention getter will be a blue banner that runs across the top of the screen below the subject line that will advertise our limited time only consultation session. This consultation session encourages businesses that might be concerned about effectively utilizing Custom Audiences to experiment with the product. Also our last addition to the landing page will be a new subject called Custom Audiences right next to the Learn How title. This will give users another opportunity to get access to information that could convince them in buying the Custom Audience product. Finally, throughout our campaign we will feature a link to facebook businesses webpage on most of our touchpoints.
Direct Mail- The direct mail piece
Online Video – Facebook should create and publish a commercial style video online for their Custom Audience feature. This will work as a video representation of the creative strategy. In the beginning, a young, awkward male will be attempting to get the attention of a pretty female. Unfortunately, because he is socially awkward and fails to communicate his interest, he will not be successful in his attempt to woo her. Then he will get a “makeover” that will update his wardrobe and give him a new found confidence. He will once again try to attract the attention of the same girl, this time being more direct and charismatic, and successfully win her interest. This will be a metaphorical depiction of how Custom Audiences works. It retargets potential customers with whom they were not able to convert into real customers during their first interaction.
Social Media/Paid Search- Periodically throughout our campaign, we will use social media and search engine optimization, or SEO, to entice our audience to Facebook Custom Audiences. In social media, we will use Facebook’s own platform to create a Custom Audience page and make weekly posts about either a specific feature in Custom Audiences, like the retargeting tool, or the segmentation analysis program. Also, in our weekly Facebook posts we will illustrate the big selling idea like we do in other campaigns that encompasses the general premise of making over your marketing strategy to obtain a wider range of customers. Finally, another important aspect of our marketing through Facebook posts will be displaying some of the customer benefit programs, like our consultation session for when businesses first sign up for the service. The main purpose of our Facebook posts is to reiterate what our other aspects of the marketing campaign display, but to a potentially different audience. We will approach the Paid Search with a wider marketing net to see if we can find a potentially interested businesses. With our Facebook posts, the audience that visits our Facebook page are generally already interested in the product, but with Paid Search that might not be the case. Paid Search will feature Google AdWords as its mode of communication. AdWords will be able to highlight words such as segmentation, retargeting, and specific advertising. When potential customers search these words in Google, our landing page link will appear depicting Facebook’s business page to give our audience another touchpoint to capture. These links will be in prime locations to encourage clicks to visit the website since the link will either be on the right side of the page or directly underneath the search bar. The purpose of this aspect of the campaign is to gain awareness from customers that might not know that they are interested in Custom Audiences or that are merely unaware of the product. We plan to utilize this portion of the campaign after about a month into initial media exposure in order to not detract from other crucial aspects of the campaign.
Email- Facebook should send out an email to all companies currently using their Facebook Advertising features, explicitly informing them of their new, cutting edge Facebook Custom Audience tool. The email should include a link at the bottom, which will take them directly to the Facebook Custom Audience landing page. This will serve as the first touch point, with the primary objective of creating awareness for the new tool and trying to compel the customer to go to the website. This email should have a “Try Now” button that takes them directly to the landing page. The benefit of this email is the speed and ease with which the customer can get the email to start the process of purchasing Facebook Custom Audience. The subject line of this email should our slogan “show them what they’re missing” to catch customer’s attention. This email should be designed with attractive colors, which subtly depict the logos of Facebook. In a large font at the center of the email should be a brief description highlighting the features of Custom Audiences and its benefits. Just below the brief description is where the ‘Try Now’ button should be placed. Upon clicking the button, the client will be directed automatically to the Custom Audience page.
Existing Customer Communications- Because Facebook’s target is those small to medium sized companies already using Facebook Advertising, a good way to bring Facebook Custom Audiences to their attention and encourage them to take action would be through their bill. When their bill for Facebook Advertising is sent, we will include a button which says “Try Facebook Customs Audiences”. This will link them the landing page which will give them more information about what custom audiences is, and direct them to the link to the page in which they can sign up for Custom Audiences.

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