Systems Analysis and Design for Information Organizations (My project is office automation system for laundry)

| December 18, 2015

Describing Project Activities
Choose an organization and think about implementing a simple project aimed at automating some aspects of work in the selected organization(my project is: office automation system for a Landry). Some examples of such projects include designing a web site; implementing an office automation system; improving electronic communications, etc. Projects may also be chosen for enhancing and changing existing information systems. Provide background information about the organization for context and briefly describe the major project activities. Use the eight project management activities covered in 543 Session Five as a guideline and try to come up with the following summary information:
1. Project title
2. Major Tasks
3. Task durations
4. Resources to be assigned
5. Schedule of work:
a. Work Breakdown Structure
b. Activities
c. Critical Path Analysis
Use Microsoft Projects to depict information about your project management activities in graphical form using Gantt and PERT charts. You can also include ERD and a summary of proposed steps for requirements gathering, if relevant to your proposed project.
1. Brief summary of project activities
2. Gantt Chart
3. PERT chart
4. ERD, if applicable
5. Proposed steps for requirements gathering, if applicable.
NOTE: It’s important to use (Microsoft project)
required: 10 pages

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1500 words. You should select only ONE question for part (a) and ONE question from part (b) for completion.
9 pages. Orlando International Airport: Landing International Airline Business


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