Synthesis Analysis Essay

| February 28, 2014

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Look at all readings we’ve discussed and discuss which writers most effectively convey a common message(s)?
Choose 3 readings to discuss.
Develop a clear, strong and unique claim that has a fresh perspective/view and digs deeper than the surface of the obvious. What has no one else thought about or connected between the pieces?
Choose support from the various texts to show the significance of your claim and prove your ideas. Make sure to use powerful support, not the most "literal" of lines.
Organize and pull together pieces so its clear and focused, always referring back to the thesis. Must include titles and authors of each piece. You must include 2 pieces in each body paragraph.
The authors I want to use are Martin Luther King- the letters of Birmingham jail article.
w.E.B. Dubois- his article about slavery, my country tis of thee, late land of slavery.
Booker T. Washington- Up from Slavery.
Other authors that can be used are Richard Wright- Black Boy Quotes
Rosa by Rita Dove, Zara Hurston How it feels to be Colored Me.
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