| January 28, 2014

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Symptoms The Effects Treatment Synaesthesia Introduction The article reviewed in this paper is “Mechanisms of synesthesia: cognitive and physiological constraints” by Boss & Pierce (2001). It focuses its study on cognitive psychology and how the brain functions. It is based on the neurobiological theory to develop a neuroanatomical framework. Synesthesia is an activated sensory perception condition whereby the senses mingle as a result of cross wiring in the brain. An example can be hearing a musical note whereby a person with this disorder may see a given color. Other people normally taste spoken words. An example is when hearing the word ‘table’ these people may tend to taste apricots. Also, when they hear the word ‘book’, the people with this disorder taste soup. This condition is basically an activated sensor perception which does not take place in many people….ORDER NOW……
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Synaesthesia Custom Essay

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