Symptoms and Disorders Case Scenario

| February 11, 2014

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Cassandra is a 48 year old female who cannot hold down a job for longer than several months. she has difficulty paying her bills, cannot stay in a relationship for very long because she fears intimacy, and is always getting angry at people for no real reason. She sometimes sleeps for days at a time and is lethargic and sometimes she has so much energy that she does not need to sleep. one day she dresses in very pretty clothes but the next day she dresses like a bag lady who is homeless. Cassandra at times abuses alcohol and illicit drugs because she says it “quiets” the voices in her head. she is in constant emotional crisis.
Find out what kind of symptoms and disorders Cassandra might have.
The objective of this paper is to diagnose the disorders and create a treatment plan.
2 pages of narrative (symptoms and disorders) and 1 page of assessment (treatment plan).
Should meet APA guidelines.
please try to using sources from the DSM IV-TR or DSM.
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