SWOT Analysis and considerations

I’m giving you $700,000 for start up capital to get your business up and running. I would like you to do a written presentation with at least 7 pages of typed material, (double spaced). pictures and graphs are not count as part of the 7 pages of written.

our presentation is about a coffee shop called Nocturnal. My parts is about:
1-Situation analysis relies on SWOT considerations; therefore this section describes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing the company both internally. what kind of competition is in the market place? who is your competition and what do you know about their business, pricing, location, etc.?
2- STP analysis- the analysis proceeds by assessing the market in which the company functions, the products it currently offers or plans to offer in the future, and the characteristics of current or potential customers in the market place. I would include some industry analysis as well. pictures and graphs do not count as part of the 7 pages of written material.
** I would like you to use Power Point for the presentation **

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