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| July 15, 2016

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  1. Answer each and every question in the criterion, specifically identifying what you’re answering. Hint: Copy the criterion into a Word doc, and number anything with a question mark, and answer it. Thus: 1-10. What do you want to know? This requires 10 questions, each of which should be based on something you’ve read in Dudley or something you’ve read elsewhere. It’s the “based on” that’s tricky here. So each of these (1-10) will have two parts: the question, and the “based on.” 11. why did you choose these questions? 12. Are they reliable 13. and valid? 14. How do you know?


2.What is your hypothesis, if that is the way you’re going? If not, what what is your Research Question? (That’s different from the QUESTIONS, by the way – how is it different?) Remember that you’re not DOING research. 1. Identify the RQ or Hypothesis. 2. Explain it, reflecting back to the questions in part 1 above. 3. Explain how your questions are different from your Question.

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Unit 3 Assignment
Soap Note: A patient with endometriosis


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