Sustenance and Health

| February 9, 2014

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Compose a research paper on American culture using one of the 12 domains of culture two elements. Purpose: The first step to becoming cross-culturally competent is awareness of one‘s own culture. Therefore, this assignment is to conduct research in order to gain a better understanding of American culture and to reinforce cross-cultural competence (3C) principles, specifically the 12 domains of culture. Specific Requirements (Research Paper): 1. Select one of the 12 domains of culture; Domain Selected: SUSTENANCE & HEALTH Two Elements to research on HEALING AND WELLNESS Focus on how these two elements have evolved over the years in America 2. Papers will be no more than two pages plus citation page. a. Document all sources used in the paper on the citation page. b. Papers must contain at least two outside sources 4. Integrate and cite all sources.
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As a result of large scale immigration to America from different countries, this led to the process of diversifying the population since the majority of the immigrants were from the northern and Western Europe thus America today is an ethnically and racially diverse country. This research is intended to establish the understanding of the American cross culture competence which refers to the ability to effectively compete with people of different cultures that are in terms of resources…ORDER NOW
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