Sustainable Economic Growth: USA

| July 18, 2015






Sustainable Economic Growth: USA

Over the last years, countries across the world have taken steps to develop a sustainable development plan for the sake of the future generations. The aim is to improve the lives of both the current and the future generation. This paper, therefore, looks at the sustainable development plan of the United States of America since 2005.

One of the areas that the American government emphasizes on is the green energy. Due to increased population and industrialization, the environment has been heavily polluted. The American government has therefore put in place measures to ensure that in advances green sources of energy with the view of reducing environmental pollution (US Department of State, 2011).

After Barrack Obama was elected as the president of the United States of America, one of his major goals was improving health care (Cullingworth & Caves, 2013). A healthy society is a productive society. This has been another major area of emphasis in the development and implementation of sustainable growth plan in the USA.

Like other countries, the U.S. also faces challenges of unemployment. For this reason, Unemployment has become a major worry for the government. The government has therefore put in place proper measures to try and improve the unemployment situation in the country (Cullingworth & Caves, 2013). In its plans, the government sought to create jobs for its unemployed citizens as well as setting policies that will encourage the people to create their own jobs.








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