Sustainability in Project Management

| February 14, 2014

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Task: write an academic essay which focus on how an organisation of your choice incorporates sustainability into their projects and into project management practice.
A possible essay title could be “Sustainability in Project Management: how <Organisation X> incorporates sustainability into its project management practice”.
The organisation you select can be a private or public sector, or a not-for-profit organisation.
The organisation can be based in the UK or abroad and it can be in any industry or business sector. The two key criteria for selecting the organisation are that:
The organisation should run identifiable projects as part of innovating its internal organisational structure, its business processes or information systems.
The organisational projects discussed should illustrate current issues in project management and offer new perspectives on project management practice, in particular with regards to sustainability.
The essay should be 3000 words long. Title, author, affiliation, references, and appendices are NOT included in the word count. The essay should be structured in sections, with numbered headings and sub-headings, and pagination to enhance clarity.
The paper should include:
Introduction: the scope of the study in relation to the organisation you selected
Literature Review: sustainability in project management, concluding with a well-argued framework for analysis of the data (how will you benchmark project management practice with regards to sustainability)
Research approach: a description of the process for gathering the data on the organisation and its project(s).
Presentation of the data collected on the organisation and its project(s), with the view of demonstrating the incorporation of sustainability into their projects.
Critical evaluation of the project management methods applied in carrying out the organisational project(s), in particular with regards to sustainability (use your conceptual framework for analysis).
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