Sustainability Essay

| August 18, 2015

I Already choosed my sustainability topic” reduce computer use”. I also wrote two pragraphs which might help you to write the essay. ” Reducing the use of computer have saved me a lot of day time which helped me use it in another of different stuff. I have some spare time to read some books and gain extra information, I have more time for social life hanging out with friends and making new friends. I have more time for daily exercises which made me lose some weight. Also reducing computer time made me focus more on my studies and I became more successful in my academic life. All these things I could not be done before since I did not have enough time. Health problems is a common issue to people who use the computer for a long time. Reducing the use of computer can insure a better health, for example not having a backache. Not to mention that my eye sight is low so I do need to reduce the use of computer so my eyes does not get worse. Many problems would be solved with the reduction of computer use like; neck pain, fingers pain. To solve these problems you must use a good chair, also make sure to take breaks during your computer use.

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