Survey Report

| October 26, 2015

Survey Report: Questioning 10 Christians and 10 non-Christians about their attitude towards and understanding of ‘Christian TV’ in
Australia, with summary and viability report.
(1500 words)
Interview approx. 20 people, 10 church attendees, 10 non-Christians, with a short survey designed by yourself including simple
demographic details and 5 questions aimed to achieve their views on:
– Interest and access to ‘Christian’ Television today
– Christian programs and their relevancy to audiences
– Is their a need for a ‘Christian’ TV industry in the future
– The value of programs of church services (worship & preaching)
Present the results of the survey, listing obvious similarities and differences between opinions of the 20 subjects. (Approx. 700
Summarize your findings, adding your own views on the relevance and direction of Christian TV in the future. Present this as a report to the Senior Minister of a church who is considering setting up a small media studio for the purpose of creating TV programs.
(Approx. 800 words)
Addresses Learning Outcome(s)
C Evaluate the current use of various modes of communication for the Christian gospel
E Assess the effectiveness of Christian Television in Australia and identify opportunities for its development in the future

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