Surface transformations of Bioglass 45S5 during scaffold synthesis for bone tissue engineering

| February 28, 2014

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The written assignment should not contain more than 2500 words and should be structured with an Abstract, Background, Results and Discussion, Scientific Significance and Relevance, References. The use of Figures, Tables and Illustrations are encouraged. This assignment should comprise all aspects of the work covered and should not be limited to the learning outcomes addressed by that student during the tutorial. Students may take notes during the tutorial itself
1. Tutorial details with their name, word count, the title of the tutorial, the tutor’s name, and the date of the tutorial;
2. an abstract (~150 words), which summaries the content of the assignment;
3. sub-sections that demonstrate understanding of the various aspects of the research topic, including a discussion of the paper in the context of the field and indications of how the work might ?be relevant to related fields;
4. a short conclusion that summarises the contribution of the paper;
5. tables, figures and references (up to 20) should be included if they help to explain the topic.
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