Supreme Court Justices and Judicial Decision-Making

| January 8, 2016

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Final Paper Assignment
Supreme Court Justices and Judicial Decision-making
Suggested Outline:
1. Introduction that includes your major points and your argument about whether your Justice provides support for either the legal, attitudinal, or strategic model of judicial decision-making

3. Argue that the decisions your Justice has made while on the Supreme Court support the legal, attitudinal, or strategic model of judicial decision-making using evidence from the course readings and outside sources
Justice Ruth Bader is an attitudinal model decision maker
4. Choose a case from the 2015 Supreme Court term docket and provide evidence to support your argument about how your Justice’s decision supports your chosen model of judicial decision-making
5. Conclude by restating your argument and summarizing the evidence you used to support your argument
You can deviate from the outline as long as you include the following elements that count for a percentage of the final grade.
General Grading Guidelines:
20%: Background on the Justice (including their background/life and career history, and appointment to the Supreme Court) linking this information to concepts from the course readings 60%: Argument on which decision-making model you believe the Justice follows (legal, attitudinal, or strategic) with at least 10 sources (judicial opinions, speeches, books, articles, etc.) to support your argument and link your argument to the course readings. You need at to have at least this many of each type of source:
 2 books
 5 articles from peer reviewed, scholarly journals and/or academic conference papers
 1 primary source or document (i.e. a case opinion, regulation, video or transcript of a
speech or confirmation hearing, etc.)
 2 course readings (i.e. an article and the textbook).
Credible websites may be used in addition to the 10 source minimum, but will not count towards the 10 sources. Quality sources are vital to getting a good grade on the paper, so please email me if you have questions about your sources.
10%: How your argument is supported by a 2015 term Supreme Court opinion
10%: Readability, grammar, spelling, and proper citation format
Format: Times New Roman 12 point font with 1 inch margins in MS Word. You can use APA.
Length: 10-15 pages, doubled spaced
(late and/or plagiarized papers will receive a 0 grade)

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