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Final Paper: You will write your final paper on your approved topic using , at minimum, the five sources you submitted in your annotated bibliography. The assignment’s grading criteria may be found in the Grading Criteria section of this syllabus. You must adhere to the following guidelines when writing your paper: o Must use version 6 of the APA style manual guidelines. o This assignment will be 7-8 pages inclusive to include: Title Page: Abstract; Body of your paper must be 4 -5 pages. Points will be deducted for going over or under. Appropriate Subheadings At least one direct quote (the rest can be in a paraphrase format); References
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The trend of using the help of support groups to deal with problems and illnesses has increased a lot in the past decade. This is due to the fact that these groups provide its members with emotional and social support that they need to deal with a problem. Studies have shown that support groups have a significant impact on the psychological well-being of its members and improve the quality of their life to some extent as well. This paper discusses the impact of different kinds of support groups on its member and the need to increase the number and quality of support groups. Different researches on support groups are used as evidence to prove the importance of support groups. Support Groups The importance of support groups is now being recognized by professionals all around the world as they play an important role in providing individuals with emotional help they need to survive. A support group is defined as “a group of people with common experiences and concerns who provide emotional and moral support for one another” (Soap, 2012). Support groups play an important role in helping its members overcome their problems….ORDER NOW…
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