supply chain management of IKEA

| April 6, 2014

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The student followed prescribed structure.
Reasonable Introduction section with relevant Background, Aims, Objectives and Project structure regarding Ikea & supply chain management. However it would have been better if the research area is more focused.
Literature review contained sufficient theoretical background ie supply chain analysis etc. There was link to next section. However there was no evidence of the theoretical framework development which would have paved the way for primary data collection.
In the Methodological framework section, the student mentioned research approaches and described quantitative and qualitative methods. However inductive and deductive approaches were not mentioned. The section was too all embracing i.e. indicating that experiment, survey and interviews were undertaken. The section lacks a lot of detail in terms of identification of the sample population and the sample size. The section also needs to justify the selection of the questions in the questionnaire in line with the literature review.
Findings section clearly displayed results with graphs. However it was not clear which data collection method was used. Discussion does not explicitly address the findings of the data collection. It only discussed further literature regarding IKEA Supply Chain Management that was sourced.
Conclusion section is not directly derived from the primary data findings. Critical review could have described more strengths and weaknesses of Ikea Supply Chain Management in relation to the aims and objectives of the research. Recommendations could have been better with points.
Reflection section described personal experiences.
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