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| April 24, 2020

                                 Final exam: 40%                            RESULT :______________________


Course Identification
Name of program – Code   : SUpply chain MANAGEMENT (LCA -FD)
Course title : Customs and tarriffs
Course number and Group number: : 410-DF2-GX and 99313
Teacher’s name and Semester :
Exam Date and Exam Duration: :
Student’s name & Number:_________________________________________________________________________________________


·     Permitted Equipment:

·     Open book – final exam. Class notes and Internet are allowed.

·        Be sure to write your name and the student number.

·        Students may not communicate with each other in any way during the examination period.

·     Students must work individually.

·     Plagiarism, attempts at plagiarism or complicity in plagiarism during a summative evaluation results in a mark of zero (0).

·        Any clear instances of plagiarism will be dealt with by the invigilator and reported to the academical adviser.

·        End of Exam: You must complete the exam paper electronically, save it in your computer with your name and submit it by noon April 21 in Omnivox LEA Assignment Dropbox. Late submissions is not permitted.


Element of competency:

  1. Interpret the mandate
  2. Get the documents
  3. Prepare for release minimum documentation
  4. Prepare the statement in detail.
  5. Transmit the documentation to Department of Revenue Canada and other ministries
  6. Communicating with clients and customers.
  7. Prepare the invoice
  8. Transmit the information


This evaluation is worth 100 points, distributed as follows:

  • Case (practical) Situations                                                    Total of 100 points

TOTAL :                                                                                         100 points                                                                                           

Element of Competency:

  1. Interpret the mandate
  2. Get the documents
  3. Prepare for release minimum documentation
  4. Prepare the statement in detail.
  5. Transmit the documentation to Department of Revenue Canada and other ministries
  6. Communicating with clients and customers.
  7. Prepare the invoice
  8. Transmit the information
  9. You are the traffic manager for a 3PL. You have a shipment to schedule and documents paperwork to fill out.
Exporter/Producer/ Shipper Purchaser Consignee
Wise Inc.

5555 Ind. Rd

Memphis, TN


(TAX ID) IRS:55544995

World Inc.

665 Bleau

Blainville, PQ


(TAX ID) TPS:TP3212222

MF Warehouse

805 Des Coteaux

Mirabel, PQ

J5Y 3C8


These are the products we you have to ship:

Erasers   100 10000 1 lbs $700
Atlas (in a book form)   50 5000 3 lbs $50000
Astronomical wall map   15 15000 0.5 lbs $45000
Coloring Books (for drawing)   30 3500 2 lbs $17500


1.1. Find and complete the above table with the responding 10 digits HS code. Make a screenshot from Customs tariff per each HS code and paste it below the table.

                             Result: ______/10 points


Ø The shipment will be transported by truck and will enter Canada via Alexandria Bay, NY / Lansdowne, ON.

Ø The purchase order number is: PO1503

Ø The shipment will be invoiced in US dollars; the term are 10 net 30

Ø The GST is 5%

Ø Wise Inc. will ship to the same importer all year long

Ø Total packaging weight: 500lbs


The erasers, atlas and wall maps corresponds to goods wholly obtained or produced entirely in United States.

The coloring books also have been produced entirely in the US but contains non-NAFTA materials.

1.2. Calculate and determine if the materials for coloring books satisfy the Rules of Origin.

The producer provides you this information:

o Transaction value=17500$

o Value of Non-Originating Materials=6000$


Show your calculations: …………


Which NAFTA Preference Criterion the coloring books will be designated under? Justify briefly your answer, why?


Preference Criteria: _____________________________________________________________________



Result: ______/5 points

The first shipment will take place April 23, 2020. The exchange rate will be $1US = $1.40 CDN. Challenger Motor Freight will be the transportation company used with trailer # USM103T. The cargo control number that will be given is: 1234PARS67890.

Transportation cost from the (Memphis, TN to Mirabel, PQ) is 2800 USD.

1.3. Based on the above information what is the method of the release for this shipment? Justify briefly your answer, why? 

Method of release: ______________________________________________________________


              Result: ______/2 points

1.4. Fill out a NAFTA certificate for this shipment

            Result: ______/10 points

1.5. Fill out a Cargo Control document (A8A)

Result: ______/10 points

The customs broker Livingston International Inc. (use your name for the documents) of the trucking company must complete the customs invoice and the coding form for CBSA office at Lansdowne, ON releasing.

They will release the goods prior to the payment of duties and taxes under a customs broker’s account security number 54555. Their assigned 8 digit number is 55885588 with check digit-1.

1.6. Fill out a Canada Customs Invoice for this shipment

Result: ______/10 points

1.7. Fill out a B3 coding form

Result: ______/20 points

For documents completion use the PDF templates uploaded in LEA. After finish with each document save it on your desk top and take picture of it or screenshot it and paste it in your word document exam below the correspondent name. Leave traces above each screenshots with the date and the time you did it.


Element of Competency:

  1. Interpret the mandate
  2. You are importing a product Couscous (in packages of weight not exceeding 11.34 kg per each) from the following countries. Determine the 10 digit HS code of the product and per each import country determine the Tariff treatment/Agreement that will apply, Duty in %, Certificate of origin if required or not.

HS code: ________________________

Country Tariff treatment / Agreement Duty % Certificate of origin (YES/NO)
North Korea      
Costa Rica      


Result: ______/12 points

  1. You are planning to import pork meat hermetically sealed from Mexico. The meat will be for Human consumption. Before the import to take place verify and obtain from CFIA web site what are the import requirements applicable for the imported product and the country you are importing from.

Indicate upon each point below the information/requirements applicable.


3.1. Documents requirements


3.2. Documents instructions


3.3 Conditions for Import


Result: ______/6 points

Element of Competency:

  1. Prepare the statement in detail.
  2. Calculate and determine the value for duty (Field 37), customs duty (Field 38), SIMA Assessment (Field 39), Excise Tax (Field 40) value for tax (Field 41) and the GST (Field 42), Total for payment (Field 51).

You are a Canadian company and have bought product worth 114,500$ in USD from an American supplier. The applicable exchange rate is 0.71$ US = 1CDN

The price does not include a 1.5% commission to a selling agent, which you must pay.

You must also pay 500$ USD royalty to the vendor. The cost of transportation from the manufacturer in the US to your US supplier is 1200$ USD

For your product Excise Tax of 6.5% and a SIMA assessment of 4% are applicable.

 The duty rate is 6.5% and the GST is 5%

Complete the table:

Name Value
Value for duty (Field 37)  
Customs duty (Field 38)  
SIMA Assessment (Field 39)  
Excise Tax (Field 40)  
Value for tax (Field 41)  
GST (Field 42)  
Total for payment (Field 51)  


Result: ______/15 points

Show all your calculations below.


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