Supply Chain Leadership

| September 29, 2016

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A Supply Chain leader has a general management role. The scope encompasses multiple functions, third party partners, physical inputs and outputs, facilities, safety, quality and a significant financial and resource investment. This is only a starting point. The assignments require assessing challenges and actions for a supply chain leader to increase effectiveness of the function.
What do you view as the top two challenges for a supply chain leader in creating and advancing a successful supply chain? What levers are available to overcome or eliminate the challenges presented?
What plans must a supply chain leader implement in his/her organization where decision making is currently done in an individual function or organization silo, to advance his/her organization’s contributions to the company? The plan must convey at minimum three actions describing them in management terms and it must elaborate on the why and how of each action contributing to increased contributions to the company.
Develop a minimum 6-page paper that examines the topics addressing the questions with at least two references and bibliography. Please note your reply must be comprehensive. This denotes that all work must include proper title page and bibliography. The use of “wiki’s” are unacceptable in academic work as are blogs and unauthorized websites. All reference works must be scholarly therefore it is suggested to use the available links in the electronic library to aid your efforts

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