Supernetting and IP Addressing 55631

| November 17, 2015

A corporation is in need of setting up a new network which requires four subnets of 250 IP addresses which are required to aggregate into a single supernet.

Based on your understanding of networking concepts, create a report in a Microsoft Word documentanswering the following:

  • What class of IP address should you assign to the subnets and to the supernet into this new network and why?
  • Discuss in detail with references cited as to the range of 0 to 255 with regard to port numbers.
  • Discuss any standards that are in place today for port ranges 256 to 1024. Explain and describe established standards for use of port numbers.

Assume a bank in Seattle, WA has been well established for some time. The company has five branch offices and its own company web site and mail server. The bank wants to expand by adding more branches and to deploy several systems with public IP addresses. Their Internet provider handles the DNS needs of the bank but they now want to bring this function in-house to manage it themselves.

  • Enlist the correct number of DNS servers that would be needed?
  • Discuss the proper routing required to get the requests to the DNS servers.
  • List all the steps of the message exchange between the DHCP and the computers on a different network.

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