Summary on LYNX’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Year Ended On September 30th 2010

| May 27, 2014

The year 1989 saw the creation of the Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (CFRTA) under section 343.63 of the Florida Statutes. In 1993 amendments were made allowing the authority to perform tasks previously reserved for the Central Florida Commuter Rail Authority. CFRTA could also merge with other local public transport providers, such as Orange-Seminole-Osceola Transportation d/b/a LYNX. This merger was fully effective in October 1, 1994. It provided a one-stop transportation system while maintaining LYNX as the business name.

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Dissertation Chapter: The intersection of marketing ethics and competitive advantage
In their discussion of what constitutes “Chinese Religion,” Goossaert and Palmer make the claim that, “Islam and Christianity were later arrivals; owing to their exclusive claims of truth, they did not become fully integrated into the system, even though they gradually became thoroughly sinicized and, in the period covered by this book, had a powerful impact on changes to the religious landscape.” (p. 20).

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