summarizing and reviewing critical components of a peer-reviewed journal article.

Assignment Purpose
While the peer-review process is rigorous, articles still get published that may have claims that are too far reaching without sufficient data support. Thus, it is essential to be a critical consumer of research, and be able to take away the key messages of the paper and apply these findings to your current context. The purpose of this assignment is to expand your knowledge of autism research by critically evaluating two supplemental reading research journal articles that fit most closely with your own interests.
Write two concise, double-spaced,1-2 page article analyses each summarizing and reviewing critical components of a peer-reviewed journal article.
Activity Details
Article Options
Select one of the following article for each article review assignment. Links to the articles are provided in our online course site (Main Menu > Major Assignments > Article Review Assignment). Thoroughly review the article review assignment description and remember to attach a blank scoring grid to your assignment. You do NOT need to provide a copy of the article, but you DO need to reference it at the end.
Article 5: Wong, C. (2013). A Play and Joint Attention Intervention for Teachers of Young Children with Autism: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study. Autism: The International Journal of Research and Practice, 17(3), 340-357.
Activity Details
Perform the following tasks. (See scoring grid for a breakdown of requirements):
1.Proper citation (3 points)
•Use APA format for citation of the article and any additional references in the body of the document and in a references section at the end of the paper.
2.Summary (15 points)
•Write a brief summary (1-2 paragraphs) highlighting key concepts in the article. Please be sure to summarize the study using your own words, and not simply answer these questions pulling words from the way that the authors described it. Do not use any direct quotes from the text of the article. The summary should give the big picture of the article, not the fine details.
•Research question (2 points):
What was the intent of the study?
•Population: (2 points)
Who were the participants?
What was the setting?
•Research Design: (3 points)
Was this a primary or secondary research study?
If a primary study, was it experimental or observational?
Describe the specific design (e.g. randomized control trial, cohort study, case control study, systematic review, single-subject, etc.)
•Results: (2 points)
What were the main results of the study?
•Reliability and Validity: (2 points)
Did this study measure what it set out to measures?
Are the results reproducable (consistent with other studies)?
•Conclusion: (4 points)
What did the authors conclude?
Did this study add to the literature?
Where could this topic be further developed for future research?
3.Quality analysis (6 points). In this brief section you will analyze the quality of the study and information provided.
•Describe the strengths of the article (3 points)
What were some strengths of this study that you saw beyond what the authors said? What was new or interesting about the study?
•Describe limitations of the article (3 points)
What were some limitations that you saw beyond what the authors said? What could have been done better? Was there any component that was too difficult or unlikely to be implemented in the natural environment?
Save and submit your Article Review Paper.
When you have completed the assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to your instructor using the lesson assignment link in Blackboard. Make sure you also upload a copy to your digication ePortfolio. Please include a copy of the Article Review Paper Scoring Grid with each paper in order to receive feedback. The instructor will comment and provide your score via the Gradebook area for your first article review prior to the due date for the second Article Review Paper.
Due Dates
Due dates and expected reading assignments are specified in the Course Schedule. The due date listed for each lesson Article Review Paper is the last day to submit the assignment for full credit. Article Review Papers can be completed as soon as desired (in advance of the due date), but papers received after the due date will be considered late and lose points for each day they are late.
Article Review Paper Scoring Grid
Grading Procedures
A total of 24 points can be earned for each assignment. Points will be assigned for accurate and complete information addressing each question/topic outlined in the activity details and summarized in the scoring grid. Failure to address a question/topic will result in lost points.
Article Review Scoring Grid
RequirementsPoints earned on Article Review 1Points earned on Article Review 2Points Possible on each assignment (total for both assignments)
Citation in APA format3 (6)
Research question2 (4)
Population2 (4)
Research Design3 (6)
Results2 (4)
Reliability and Validity2 (4)
Conclusions4 (8)
AnalysisStrengths3 (6)
Limitations3 (6)
Individual Article Review Points24 (