Summarize, analyze, and evaluate the practicum experience and the achievement of personal learning objectives from your Practicum Learning Agreement.

| April 6, 2014

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Prepare a 1750-word APA paper which meets the following criteria.
Summarize, analyze, and evaluate the practicum experience and the achievement of personal learning objectives from your Practicum Learning Agreement.
Evaluate the effectiveness of the practicum project
Evaluate how your practicum experience will assist you in functioning as an MSN prepared nurse
Include documentation from your research that supports or enhances your learning experience. A minimum of four peer-reviewed references are required
Format, citations, references and writing style are consistent with APA guidelines
Clinical Hours,
and Running Total of Clinical Hours Brief Summary of Activity Objective and Evidence of Accomplishment Numbers
Reflective Learning
Completed literature search on blood-borne pathogens and universal precautions.
Developed educational needs assessment on blood borne pathogens and universal precautions to deliver to teachers and staff of GEHMS.
Met and discussed needs assessment protocol with Mentor.
Perform learning assessment with teachers and staff of GEHMS school
Analyzed the results of the literature review and the need assessment results.
Consulted with county educational officials and school principal for permission to conduct training.
Developed lesson plan for classroom instructions on blood borne pathogens and universal precautions.
Review educational materials with mentor and amend where necessary.
3a. Identify location and site and date for implementation.
3b. Register and document participants.
3c. Invite an expert on universal precautions and mentor to observe presentation and give written feedback
4a. Develop evaluation tool to use at end of educational presentation.
4b Administer evaluation tool as developed.
4c Meet with mentor to review evaluation results and overall project.
Objective # 1a:
A literature review of 15 peer reviewed journal articles on evidence- based practice was completed. I spent several hours reviewing all the literature I gathered trying to determine which ones are evidence based and are relevant to my objectives. With much struggle, I identified which ones were really evidence based and which ones were not.
Objective # 1b
Search and review of educational needs assessment for universal precautions and blood borne pathogens. After many hours and rigorous search and reviews I developed a questionnaire which is appropriate for my audience. This questionnaire, I believe, will adequately assess the Knowledge base of my audience on universal precautions and blood borne pathogens.
Objective # 1c
I had an in-depth discussion with mentor to review and finalize the needs assessment questionnaire and the protocol for the needs assessment. The mentor noted that despite the fact that my target audience are teachers and staff of GEHMS they may have limited knowledge about universal precautions so open ended questions will be appropriate. We then agreed on sending the questionnaire to all the members of staff and request them to answer and return them to me within 48hrs and before the actual presentation.
Objective # 1d
I Sent out more questionnaires for the need assessment to the staff of GEHMS and I received back 100% of answered questionnaires that were sent earlier. I compiled the results.
Objective #1e
A thorough analysis of the literature review and the need assessment result was done. Each individual return was read through very well and answers noted compared with the others tease out any pattern. From this analysis I came to realize that many of the staff members do not understand the standard precaution and do not properly apply it. They are therefore putting themselves at risk of contracting dangerous communicable diseases.
Objective # 2a:
Called county education office for permission to conduct the project and was advised that the principal is a representative of the county educational officials so I should contact him for all arrangements and permission for the project. I had a scheduled meeting with the principal at which I explained the universal precautions and the need to educate teachers and staff. The principal gave the needed permission and assigned the school’s auditorium for conducting the training.
Objective #2b
A lesson plan was drawn up for the training. This plan consisted of learning objectives, course overview, and definition of terms, disease transmission, teaching strategy, and handouts
Objective #2c
Reviewed presentation and educational materials with the mentor. We discussed the importance of hand washing and infection control. We resolved to make hand washing a central theme of the presentation since according to CDC hand washing is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of diseases and illness. The mentor advised me to meticulously demonstrate the hand washing and let each participant practice it until they become proficient during the actual presentation.
Objective #3a
I met with the schools administration to discussed location and timing of the presentation. I requested for a large room that will accommodate all the participants without congestion, well lighted and one with sink and running water. I also asked that since the process was going to take the better part of a day’s work, there should not be any classroom instruction. The school’s auditorium which is well lighted has a sink and running water was identified for the presentation. March 14th, 2014 a faculty day and half school day set for the presentation. With time constraints, I realized that it would be necessary to register participants prior to the presentation.
Objective #3b
A sign in sheet made available for the registration of participants. Since the staff had their own instructional material to complete, they came in for registration over a period of time. They signed in with their names, time of arrival and position at work. They were then presented with name tag. At this time I posted a sign on top of the sink asking ‘who, when, why, and how to wash hands’. They were then challenged to think about it for the presentation the following day. I realized that this would allow them to think over the topic and prepare them for the following day’s presentation.
Objective #3c
Ms. Lara Alatise, a public health specialist and infectious control expert sat in two sections presentation, watched a thorough interactive presentation. The participants were allowed to ask question and practice hand washing, gloving. Had the power point presentation, then demonstration and practice of hand washing using running water soap and vigorous rubbing of hands together. Had disposable paper towel for drying hands and trash can for the waste paper. Also available were gloves, goggles goggle, disposable gowns and head gears for demonstration of the use of personal protective equipment. My mentor contributed to the presentation by emphasizing the appropriate use of PPE and their safe disposal to avoid transmission of diseases and illness. She also stressed the importance of cleaning activity surfaces immediately after use preferably with antiseptics. This presentation has reinforced my understanding of infection control measures and that simple measures well taken will go a long way to prevent dangerous diseases and illness. Participants signed in prior to presentation.
Objective #4a
Questionnaire developed for participants to show whether or not the program provided a strong foundation in under
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Practicum Evaluation Summary Paper

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