summarize an organizations code of ethics and then, choose or design an ethical dilemma and reflect on the ethical dilemma.

| September 30, 2015

Write a summary on a Code of Ethics and how it applies to public policy/policy analysis – minimum of 200 words, APA style.

Choose an ethical dilemma from an article (journal, newspaper, and internet). Write a minimum of 500 words reflecting on the ethical dilemma, including:

State the problem clearly. What are the ethical issues raised? Who will be affected by your decision?  What moral principles will you use to decide on a particular course of action? What ethical theory or combination of theories would you use to inform possible courses of action? Discuss at least two possible courses of action. Include benefits and consequences of each. What course of action do you think is best? Why? How difficult would it be to make that decision in “real life”?

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Explain the key characteristics and philosophical foundations (what contributed to the origins or the start of the ideology) of liberalism, conservatism, socialism, and fascism.

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